Eco-Friendly Sustainability







The Tauranga Lodge prides itself on taking a responsible approach to the environment, with the intention of leaving an as-gentle-as-possible footprint on this exceptional country.

This does not affect the enjoyment of guests in any way… on the contrary.

If the food tastes exceptionally fresh here, that’s because it is. Every effort is made to source locally grown produce and hence the lodge’s menu reflects a seasonal influence. Food also comes from the lodge’s established vegetable garden and increasingly from the recently planted fruit tree orchard.

All of the water used at this Bed and Breakfast establishment comes from the sky. This rainwater is filtered and then sterilised by a high-tech filter system.

Food waste is composted and other waste recycled. Cans, bottles, glass, bulk paper and cardboard are taken to the local recycle centre and sorted.

Ecoplanet1.jpgAnd, where possible only Eco Planet friendly cleaning and laundry products are used.

Native trees, flaxes and shrubs have been planted on the property, which encourages the beauty of native bird life, and increases birdsong.

The Tauranga Lodge owners and staff take great pride in showing responsibility for the environment and continually strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  New Zealand's clean, green image is fully embraced at this address.